A day at Meadow Brook

At Meadow Brook, we plan each day to nurture your child’s imagination and build their confidence through strong relationships, praise, recognition and support. Our free flow play routine and individual planning is designed to encourage children to flourish and naturally inspire them to love learning.

Each room is designed through the eyes of the child, the spaces are exceptionally well thought out and the “children are happy and safe in this warm and welcoming setting.” – Ofsted 2015. This creates a stimulating, consistent and motivating environment, reflecting the children’s interests and needs, supporting them to develop their confidence and self-awareness.

The Buttercup Room

The Buttercup Room is a cosy and nurturing environment to spark awe and wonder at the start of their early years journey.

The Daisy Room

The Daisy Room is designed with accessible resources to enable the children to act upon their natural curiosities.


The room has instant ‘free-flow’ access to their own outside space at all times and our children thrive in the beautiful garden, using it as another classroom.

The Bluebell Room

The Bluebell Room is a home from home environment where children are able to learn through natural exploration and play; using their senses to explore the world around them and learn about their natural environment.

The Sunflower Room


The Sunflower Room is designed with thoughts of an exciting, practical and stimulating learning environment, ensuring that all areas are visible and encouraging for the children to take the next step in their learning and preparation for school.

Instant ‘free-flow’ into their own garden, including large physical play equipment, mud kitchen and potting area enables the children to develop across all areas, supporting independent choice and self-directed play and learning.


Meals, Milk & Nappies

Meadow Brook provides breakfast, hot lunch and light tea, dependent on the sessions your child attends.

8am – 1pm – Breakfast and hot lunch

1pm – 6pm – Fruit snack and light tea

9am – 3.30pm – Hot lunch and fruit snack

8am – 6pm – Breakfast, hot lunch, fruit snack and light tea

A typical day at Meadow Brook


8am – 8:45am - Morning starts with a lovely, healthy breakfast with lots to choose from.


Throughout the morning your child will enjoy a range of activities designed to enable them to play, explore, discover and grow, learn and understand. Every activity is tailored to their individual interests and specific developmental age and stage. Children are encouraged to build their confidence and understanding through praise, recognition and support in their play.​


Lunch is approximately 12pm. Provided by Saxmundham Free School we have a 2-week rolling menu of delicious, healthy, hot meals for our children to enjoy. It is a fantastic time to encourage speech and language, social interaction and healthy eating. The children are encouraged to self-serve at all meal times, being together makes it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone.

Sleep time (shhh…)

We large baskets and individual sleep mats for use at any time to suit your child’s routine, all situated in a lovely cosy, quiet area. Sheets and bedding are provided and labelled for each child.


Our carefully planned and set up rooms, individual to each child’s interests provide a fun, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment for them to learn, grow, play and discover. The afternoon session is mirrored to the morning with activities replenished and changed dependent on children attending. We provide a light, healthy tea that is also on a rolling menu. This is served at approximately 4pm.

Home time

When you arrive to take your child home at any time of the day, our team will be available to share any information about their day, pass on any important messages and to chat with you about what they are learning and how they are developing.