Healthy Self

At Meadow Brook we are committed to promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle to our staff, children and families. 

 Our goal is to educate our children on the importance of being active, eating well and good oral health.

Wellbeing Wednesday  - 

Every first Wednesday of the month we celebrate Wellbeing Wednesday with our staff. On this day we promote, educate and remind our staff to take time out for themselves. As we know working in a nursery you are always putting the children first and sometimes forget about yourself along the way. 


At Meadow Brook we have a staff member who has completed the PANCo training (Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator.) Using this knowledge we are able to promote healthy eating -  we use the NHS Eatwell guide to ensure children are offered healthy meals and snacks whilst at nursery. We are also able to help and signpost our parents to other professionals that can help with eating behaviours or weaning.

Nursery Allotment -

We have our own nursery allotment where we grow lots of different fruits and vegetables. Children are encouraged to help look after the allotment by watering and weeding and eventually harvesting any foods ready. This has had a great influence on the children, it teaches them about how food is grown, food waste, trying new things and taking responsibility.

Oral Health Swap Shop - 

At Meadow Brook we promote good oral health through a variety of ways including books, sharing our own experiences, having suitable resources and visits from local dental professionals. We also have our swap shop, this is for families to access for free to encourage best practice. We stock toothbrushes, bottles with straws and open top doidy cups. The idea is that children will swap out there old item for something new or something more suitable (swap dummy for toothbrush OR swap bottle with teat for bottle with straw.)