Sunflower Room

The Sunflower room is home to our Pre-schoolers

Meet the Sunflower team

Amy - Supervisor

Amy joined Meadow Brook as an apprentice straight out of school back in 2015. Amy  was promoted to Supervisor in September 2019.

Helen - Deputy Supervisor

Helen joined Meadow brook in September 2018. Helen has worked at a variety of different settings, so brings a wealth of experience with her.


Sarah - Early Years Practitioner

Sarah is one of our long standing members of the team. Sarah has two little boys who both have attended Meadow Brook.


Sammy - Early Years Practitioner

Sammy returned from Maternity in September.

Sammy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. 


Naomi - Early Years Apprentice 

Naomi is currently working towards her level 3. She has lots of experience of working with children including volunteering at a local pony school

Sarah.Y - Early Years Practitioner

Sarah recently joined our team she is currently working in the pre-school room and helping Peggy out with afterschool club.