Sunflower Room

Forest school 

The children enjoyed their first forest school session; making natural crowns and musical shakers using their findings from around the forest. We also had an opportunity for free play where the children worked together to make a den and explore the surroundings using different tools and resources. 

Animal experience

We were lucky enough to have Kayleigh from animal experience join us, to show and teach us all about different animals and creatures.

The children had the opportunity to observe, hold and touch the animals, which led to great discussions and comments from the children.

Noah knew the tortoise "like to hide in it's shell" with Akira adding "his really slow".


Jabali observed the snake "it's sticking it's tongue out".

When Eviee held the millipede she felt it "tickling my hand with really lots of legs and feet".

Duckling's come to visit

We've been very busy with our new addition to Meadow Brook. The children were able to watch the ducklings hatch and helped to look after them. This allowed for great opportunity to learn about the world around them, noticing changes over time and sparked some wonderful conversations between the children, where they spoke about what they observed.


An Egg-cellent Experiment

We've been busy carrying out a science experiments by making eggs bouncy! To do this at home, just submerge eggs in vinegar for 24 hours and see the magic happen!  This allowed for great opportunity to express ideas, critical thinking and lots of messy play!

Baby Bump

Sarah has very kindly shared her pregnancy with all the children, we have talked about her scan picture which lead to discussions about our bodies and bones. Evie has taken a special interest in Sarah`s ever growing bump and she has measured the growth for several months. On Sarah`s last afternoon the children had fun expressing themselves through face-paint on her baby bump 

The Woodland Exploration

The  children thrive on taking part in our ‘Woodland Exploration’ programme. Filled with lots of activities to encourage the children to explore and learn about the environment and world around them.


The full experience allows children to challenge their own ideas and learn to manage their own safety whilst using tools and tackling new challenges.

Children's Committee Meeting

Our ethos states, ‘Children are at the heart of everything we do’ and ‘We value children as individuals for the people they are’.


At Meadow Brook, we hold children’s committee meetings with the children on a monthly basis, where they have an opportunity to go to the managers office, take charge and inform the adults what they enjoy, and would like to do at Meadow Brook in the future.


It’s safe to say they have some fantastic ideas! “splash in puddles with wellies on… make a family picture book… go to a real café… be a teacher for a day” We love implementing these ideas to enable the children to explore their own curiosities.

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