Rough Stuff!

Superhero play is a favourite with most pre-schoolers. Creating their own fantasy world gives them that control over their lives, while also enabling them to try out, or revisit, frightening experiences.

Superheroes have many qualities which the children will want to share and often they will look to superheroes as icons and role models. This is why using superheroes and concentrating on their qualities rather than the fact they fight the bad guys can lead to some fantastic scaffolding for children. Children find superhero play very engaging and captures children’s imagination and allows them to freely explore the world around them and to make sense of the world through discussing another character or pretending to be a character such as a superhero.

We can`t tell children what to think about, but we can support and help them play the games so they are not hurting each other. When children are worried about something they often play it out in the same way we as adults would talk about it.

At Meadow brook we are supporting this play by

· Setting out safety rules with the children like

Superheroes are always kind to others

Superheroes are always helpful to others

Superheroes always try to save the day

· Creating “superzones” where the play can take place

· Removing superhero costumes to support the children`s imagery play, letting them create their own props

· Give the child a license to use their pretend gun, like in the real life you need a license. Explain to them if they hit someone with a sword they get their license taken away.

· We will discuss consequences of violence, initiate discussions around people who help us like calling an ambulance