Sessions & Funding



Meadow Brook Playcare is open 50 weeks per year 8am - 6pm. 

We offer the following sessions Monday - Friday:

8am – 1pm (Morning)

1pm – 6pm (Afternoon)

9am – 3.30pm (School day)

8am – 6pm (Full day)

Please note: Extra hours can only be added to the beginning or end of an existing session within opening hours. If you require your child to attend on a day they are not usually in, they will be required to attend a complete session. Extra hours & sessions will be dependant on availability.



Funding for two year olds:

Many children aged two can receive 15 hours free funding towards childcare if you meet certain criteria. To find out if your two year old is entitled click here.


Funding for 3 and 4 year olds:

All three and four year olds in England are entitled to receive government funding in the term following their 3rd birthday. Parents will be given a funding form to fill in at the start of each term. Currently 3 year old funding entitles your child to receive 15 hours of childcare.

30 hours funding for working parents:
Some three and four year olds in England may be entitled to receive government funding for 30 hours childcare. This funding is for working parents who meet the eligibility criteria. If you think you may be eligible, click here to visit the HMRC website, where you can complete a questionnaire, which will then give you additional information about the government scheme. If your eligible you will be provided with a code to pass onto us. This will enable us to claim for the extra funded 15 hours once the next term starts.

Other scheme's:
There are many other government-supported scheme, designed to make childcare more affordable and accessible for children. Click the icon below to find out which of these you may be eligible for,

Hours for 'stretched' children

Children who attend on a 'stretched' basis will be entitled to: 

11.5 hours per week for 15 hour funding entitlement 

22.5 per week for 30 hour funding entitlement